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Lemon Cheese is a traditional name for Lemon Curd in certain areas. Lemon Curd and Lemon Cheese are made in the same way with the same ingredients. Our Lemon cheese has a rich tangy flavour due to the finest ingredients in our traditional recipe.

Large 420g       £4.50

Medium 330g  £4.00

Small 210g       £3.00


Lime Cheese - A sharper tangier alternative to our lemon cheese.

Orange Cheese - Made with fresh orange zest for added fruity flavour.

Medium 330g  £4.00

Small 210g       £3.00


Seville Orange Marmalade - This popular marmalade is made of the finest oranges, to create a delicious taste

Three Fruit Marmalade - Made with oranges, lemon and red grapefruit, this scrumptious marmalade is excellent in the morning with toast.

Large 454g      £4.50

Small 227g      £3.00

Whisky Marmalade - Our yummy marmalade with a wee dram of whisky.

Hand Cut Vintage Marmalade - A lovely chunky hand cut marmalade.

Three Fruit & Ginger Marmalade - Made with orange, lemon, grapefruit and ginger, this is a very tasty treat.

Reduced Sugar Marmalade - Our same delicious marmalade with 42% less sugar creating the sharpest tasting marmalade.

Medium 340g     £4.00

Small 227g          £3.00

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade - This has a deliciously distinctive taste, and goes down well at markets.

Lemon & Lime Marmalade - A fresh and zesty taste, perfect for breakfast time.

Gin & Lemon Marmalade - 1.5l of gin and 14 lemons!!

Sangria Marmalade - Fresh blood oranges, lemons and spiked with a punchy port wine.

Blood Orange Marmalade - The sweetest tasting of all our marmalades.

Medium 340g     £4.00

Small 227g          £3.00


Strawberry Jam - So good it deserves a scone!!

Raspberry Jam - A classic, perfect for toast.

Damson Jam - Made from locally grown damsons.

Blackcurrant Jam - A lovely sharp jam.

Medium 340g      £4.50

Small 227g           £3.50

Chuckleberry Jam - New hybrid fruit a cross between a blackcurrant, redcurrant and a gooseberry.

Blackberry & apple Jam - Also known as brambles depending on where you are from.

Gooseberry Jam - A deliciously sweet and tangy preserve.

Summer Berry Jam - A lovely mix of strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants.

Medium 340g     £4.50

Small 227g          £3.50

Gooseberry, Elderflower & Gin Jam - Cumbrian gooseberries infused with elderflower and a kick of gin.

Plum Jam - Locally grown plums go into making this delicious jam.

Rhubarb & Ginger Jam - Rhubarb from our own garden with chopped and ground ginger.

Medium 340g     £4.50

Small 227g          £3.50


Chocolate Fudge - This fudge is ideal for chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Orange Fudge - Perfect for chocolate & orange lovers!!

Cumbrian Butter Fudge - Local produce goes into this fudge to create this rich fudge.

Ginger Fudge - A strong ginger fudge made using the finest ingredients.

Bailey's Irish Cream Fudge - Made from Baileys Irish cream, this light fudge has a unique and satisfying taste.

Butter Tablet - This traditional plain fudge is one of our most popular products.

Treacle Toffee - Ideal for bonfire night, and all year round

Salted Caramel Fudge - Delicious, a favourite of the staff at Country Flavour.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Fudge - Made with real raspberries with a topping of flaked white chocolate.

Elderflower & Lemon Fudge - Infused with dried elderflower with a sharp lemony twist.

Vanilla Fudge - A classic creamy vanilla fudge.

Coffee Fudge - A strong tasting fudge that is perfect for a snack

Rum & Raisin Fudge - A popular fudge, with lots of flavour

                                               100g Bag    £2.50


Mint Jelly - The most popular and versatile of our Herb Jellies. It is a superb accompaniment to roast lamb, and is also delicious with cold meats and salads.

Rosemary Jelly - A lamb lover's gourmet garnish.

Tarragon Jelly - The perfect companion to chicken and should also be tried with pheasant. This delicate flavour is also a superb compliment to a wide range of fish dishes.

Sage Jelly - This jelly tastes delicious with pork and duck dishes.

Thyme Jelly - Exquisite with roast beef. This unique taste is also lovely as a glaze for pork or turkey.

                                               Small 210g     £2.50

HONEY (when available)

Clear Runny Honey - 100% pure local unpasteurised raw flower honey.

Soft Set Honey - 100% pure local unpasteurised raw flower honey.

Small 227g     £4.50

Large 400g     £7.00

Moorland Honey - 100% pure honey from low moorland.

Small 227g    £5.00

Large 350g    £7.50

                                               Heather Honey - 100% pure unpasteurised raw heather honey from the North York Moors.

                                               Small 227g     £5.00

                                               Large 454g     £9.00


Cumberland Rum Butter - Traditionally made using dark sugar, spices and rum perfect for having with a mince pie or two over Christmas time.

Brandy Butter - A rich sweet sauce lovely served cold with Christmas pudding.

Small 210g      £3.00


Cranberry Sauce - Traditional cranberry sauce perfect for the Christmas turkey but superb all year round with chicken.

Cranberry & Port Wine Sauce - Classic cranberry sauce with a rich addition of port.

Redcurrant Jelly - Lovely with red meats, pies and sausages.

Port Wine Jelly - Delicious with cheese, meats or to make a nice jus.

Small 210g     £3.00


Apple & Cranberry Chutney - An original fruity chutney, delicious with cheese and cold meats.

Rhubarb & Date Chutney - A lovely fruity flavour, perfect with cheese.

Mango Chutney - Great with a curry.

Tomato & Red Onion Chutney - Delicious with cheese!

Small 200g    £3.50


This jute gift bag carries 2 small jars and makes a lovely gift.

Choose any 2 small jars from our products. Available in an array of colours.

Blue, green, natural, red, white, hot pink, pale pink, purple, lilac and burgundy.

(excludes honey)



This large jute gift bag fits 3 of our medium jars. Choose 3 marmalades, 3 jams or a mix.

Available in 5 colours.

Natural, red, green, white and pale pink.

(excludes honey)